Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Sunriver Fun

While the guys went to play (Bob walked, Jack drove and Rob rode) golf one day at one of the many courses in and around Bend, Sandra, Kerry and I went shopping for fabric for 2 quilts that Sandra is working on. We went to Mountain Country Mercantile, 1568 Newport Ave. in Bend. What fun we had! Neither Kerry nor I quilt, so we chose colors and patterns and ran them over to Sandra, who was busily choosing and critiquing. Much to our surprise, she found what she needed at just the one store. We decided we made a great team and would love to do it again some day. For dinner that night, we went to Old St. Francis school, an old catholic grade school that the Mcmenamin brothers have turned into a neat pub (among other things).


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Kerry said...

Katie and I want to take a quilting class this fall. It's something I need to know how to do, I decided.


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