Monday, July 25, 2005

The Paulina Plunge

After hearing about a wonderful trip on mountain bikes with stops at various waterfalls, I decided to give it a try before my advancing age made it impossible. (OK, I'm really not ready for that old folks home yet, but I admit to being out of shape.) The great part of this trip was that the ride up the mountain was accomplished in a school bus, not under pedal-power. After being fitted with a bike and given some tips on its use, our party started out. Ah, cruel fate - the first obstacle was a big hill. Our guide insisted that if we made it up to the top, we would have no problem with the rest of the ride. Now anything going uphill makes my lungs immediately close up in protest, especially at high elevations. With Kerry acting as my own personal drill instructor and with much huffing, puffing and wimping, I finally made it to the top. Then we started the downhill ride to the first water fall. Now, being exceedingly cautious on the slippery pumice sand, I immediately fell behind the (much younger) group. But they were patient, awaiting me with cheers as I caught up at the first stop. There we hiked down to the first waterfall. Yes, I said down, for one thing they didn't tell us was that each water fall walk was a half mile DOWN, which, of course, necessitated a half mile walk back UP to our bikes!!! (Oh, to be young and thin again!) But once down to the falls, the rough part was forgotten, as we all got wet and enjoyed cooling off. There was a small cave in the back of this particular falls, which some of our party proceeded to go into. We couldn't see them at all. It was here that our guide broke out the lunch - fried chicken, cantalope and cookies. Then it was off to the second falls, a place where the rock made some natural water slides. More fun and cooling off ensued. These falls were (luckily) part of the Deschutes National Forest, for I'm sure if they were part of a National Park, all of this splashing in the water may not have been allowed. Our third and final stop was at a campground where the waterfall made a big pool at the bottom. Then it was back on the bikes and off to the bus, which met us at the bottom of the hill. Rob enjoyed leading this part of the trip, as our guide was riding at the end of the pack this time. The trip lasts all day and is a great adventure, even for old Moms like me!


At 9:56 AM, Blogger Zandra said...

Thanks for the updates. I love seeing all the adventures. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

P.S. I saw the videos of the hot dog eating contest and I nearly died.


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