Sunday, July 24, 2005

Crater Lake

The reason for our recent trip to Sun River was a promise to Kerry's friend Tim to take him to see the plethora (Ha! good word!) of stars in the night sky at Crater Lake. Now, any one who has been away from the lights of civilization can attest to the brightness of a clear night sky. It's not just the Big Dipper, or a star here and there, but an absolutely spectacular show - a blanket of stars. Something like this, but a photo isn't the same as seeing it in person. So, off we went to Crater Lake, a National Park which was made many years ago (geologic time, that is), when Mt. Mazama blew its top. The crater that was formed filled with the most gorgeous blue water anywhere. The top, or cone, can still be seen and is now known as Wizard Island. Kerry, Tim and Rob hiked down to the lake and took a boat ride, but Jack and I, being not in tip-top physical shape, paid attention to the sign which the National Park Service had erected at the beginning of the trail down, warning of dire consequences for those who were not in the best condition. Here's more photos from the web. While Kerry, Tim and Rob took the boat, Jack and I went to the visitor's center and lodge. Our plan was to have dinner at the lodge and stay around for the ranger talk and the stars, but this was not to be. Lo and behold, we found that only those staying overnight at the lodge are allowed to eat there! The only other food in the entire National Park was a hot dog stand in the parking lot that closed at 5 pm and the campground store with its assortment of canned beans. So, although we were not able to achieve our original goal of seeing the stars, we had a fantastic day. Tired and happy we headed back towards Sun River, a BBQ dinner and a nice soft bed.


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