Sunday, February 06, 2005

You go, Sir Paul!

When the Beatles first came to the US in Winter 1964, they were held up by many adults as an example of the decline of western civilization's youth. (What were they thinking with that "long" hair? How decadant!) When they admittd smoking pot before their audience with the Queen and got into eastern religion with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, well for sure we were all doomed. Was that Shea Stadium concert in 1968? I asked my Dad if I could go. Definate NO followed, with no room for discussion. Further decline followed when John married Yoko and held the "bed in" in NYC, and what about that naked album cover??

It is with a humorous chuckle then, and a gentle smile, that I watched and sung along with Sir Paul during the Super Bowl half time show. You go, Sir Paul! Now you're the epitome of gentility and civility! Not a dysfunctional Jackson family member in sight (that is, unless you turn to CNN). Peace!


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