Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Cape Horn Blog

Old/Victorian homes are a favorite hobby of mine. I love watching all those rennovation shows on HGTV and daydreaming about having the energy/money/knowledge that it would take to rennovate one of my own. In fact, it all started with "This Old House" on PBS about 20-25 years ago. I recently found a letter they had written thanking me for writing to them about the show. Hubby doesn't share the dream, however. His comment is "Over my dead body". So, Kerry was wandering around blog-land the other day and found a blog where I can rennovate vicareously. It is called "capehorn" and is the blog of two guys that are rennovating an old farm house in upstate New York. Lots of pictures and horror stories and $$$$ signs. I'll try to list it in my links. Thanks, Kerry!


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