Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rite Aid Woes

For many years, I refused to shop at Rite Aid because of the bad/untrained attitude of the staff. It has been so long, I don't even remember the details. Within the last year or two, I decided to give them another chance because a new store had opened by us. First thing I noticed is that, like many new stores, the layout was designed by a marketing genius who decided that if the customer feels like a rat in a maze, this must be conducive to spending more money in said store. Instead of being laid out so that one can walk up and down or go straight to the back of the store (where the pharmacy is), one must instead walk willly-nilly down off-angle aisles, hoping to arrive at the pharmacy by some stroke of luck. Jack skirts this problem by sticking to the outside wall and not walking down any aisles. The second thing I noticed is there is still no customer service, or people behind the cash register that even give said rat's ass about the customer. Third is that the last perscription filled there was several days short of what was supposed to be in it. Since some meds cost well over $1 a pill, this can be costly to the customer! Said shortage problem was made right by the pharmacist with nary a coment on his part and definately not even a "sorry for the mistake" leaving me to believe that this was not an unusual occurrence. New way for companies to make a profit???


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Kerry said...

I remember why you stopped going to Rite Aid. Rob was threw up some medicine on the floor while you waited forever for a perscription to be filled and they gave you a paper towel to clean it up.

You definitely need to stop going there. I go to Walgreen's now. Their pharmacy is also in the back, but they have a drive up window, so you don't even have to go in. Also, they haven't been idiots yet, like Rite Aid. Better yet though, switch to a local pharmacy like Malleys.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger suegee said...

I love Malley's! It is the best: friendly, great gifts, candles, flags, friendly people, a post office. But they aren't open at night and Dad says they are too expensive.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Kerry said...

Well you don't have to buy your over the counter stuff there, just perscriptions. Perscriptions cost the same everywhere. Get the other stuff at Target or Costco or some other store that you don't loathe.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Kerry said...

Also, buy local. Don't give corporations more money when you could be supporting people we actually know. It's worth a bit of extra money.

At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rite Aid is bad! The last time I was there they couldn't find my perscription. After 10 mins or so of searching they found it. They said it was in a bag with the wrong name. They rang it up and I was on my way. What I didn't realize until I took a closer look was that they charged me for someone elses medicine because the slip was in the bag with my medicine. Saved me 8 dollars though.

I fill my perscriptions at Target now because not only can you fill your stuff online, I already go there all the time anyway. Its just easier.



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