Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Slacker on Board!

OK, OK, so I've lost consciousness for more then a month. Don't buy that? How about I've been vacationing in Thailand? Had a tour of duty with the Army? Been busy recounting votes for Washington's govenor (whoever that may be)? Writing up a review for the book club? (Ha!) Nothing so dramatic. Just caught up in the usual Thanksgiving/Christmas rush of materialistic free-for-all: buying, addressing, stamping, wrapping, chowing-down, present exchanging, carol singing, partying, good-will-to-men extravaganza called the holidays. A great time was had by all. Now it's a typical bleak, cold Tri-Cities winter day and reality is starding to descend. Darn it all! Note to self: New Year's Resolution: Be a Better Blogger!


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea! I was wondering when you were going to post something. Welcome Back!



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