Sunday, August 14, 2005

Barnegat Light

On the very northern tip of Long Beach Island is the lighthouse known as "Old Barney". The first "Barney" was built in 1834, but had the bad luck to fall into the sea. It was rebuilt in 1857-58 by General George G. Meade, who later achieved fame in the Civil War. It stands watch over Barnegat Shoals, which, according to AAA, is the scene of over 200 ship wrecks. One wonders how well the light did its job!! Today it is a place for picnics, fishing, boats, and walks out on the jetty. Also a great place to enjoy a treat from the nearby Dairy Queen on a hot day (which have been coming in record numbers this year). There are 217 steps to the top of the lighthouse where the view is said to be fantastic. (It was just way too hot to attempt it on the day we were there.)


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