Tuesday, August 24, 2004

City Buffet

New Chinese Buffet opened in Richland fairly recently. Heard some good things about it, so we decided to give it a try tonight. Oh my! It should be illegal to walk inside one of those places unless you have not eaten for 2 or 3 days! (Or, as Rob said, unless you have Ghandi-sized yourself.) Rows of long tables with everything imaginable, and some that isn't. The first table consisted of a strange combination of sushi and dessert (of all things) . I decided my sushi-eating Bellingham friends would enjoy it, but I left it alone. (Was too full by dessert time to partake in that half of the goodies.) Moved on to the main course: three tables (not including the Mongolian BBQ table, which I'll leave for another time.) The first thing I noticed was the amount of crab dishes. It was Bubba in Forest Gump all over again, with crab instead of shrimp. Alaskan King Crab Legs, crab wontons, crab puffs, seafood delight, fried crab - just to name a few. Followed by many kinds of shrimp, salmon, fried fish and fried squid. (No, I didn't have that.) One dish was fried shrimp, with the shells, legs and eyes still there! What is the ettiquette on this??? Does one eat the black beady little eyes or leave them staring up at you on the plate??? Chicken, boneless ribs and the usual rice, noodles and soups type entrees were also available. The most unusual we found was called a Bum. It looked like a peach, with little green leaves even, but was actually made of some type of marshmellow or merangue confection. Inside, where the pit would be, was chocolate. We managed to wheel ourselves home without the aid of wheelbarrows and are now pleasantly recovering. The trick, of course, is to eat just enough so that you are not in danger of exploding later on in the evening!


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Buffet sounds fabulous. Next time I come home (Maybe in Sept. for Sausage Fest) we'll have to go there.

The dessert sushi, might be frooshi. It is fruit and rice, I think. Sometimes it also has coconut. There is no fish. You should try it.

Don't know if I would try the shrimp eyes either, but you should be more adventurous and try the squid. I bet you never thought I would have to tell you to be adventurous!



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