Friday, June 15, 2007

A Peaceful Day

I sat on the swing in the back yard. It gently swayed as I read. The book was "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. The temperature was perfect. A gentle breeze blew through the trees, making the leaves a green ballet of motion and peaceful sounds. A bird sang its song. Next to the swing, the pond filter gurgled and running water cascaded into the crystal clear pond below. Two goldfish swam lazily around. Marbles, white rocks, and green iridescent stones shone up from the bottom, like a pirate's treasure waiting to be appreciated. A water lily busily sent up another shoot. The leaf would not uncurl until it hit the surface. Next to me on the swing was a little black dog, lolling about as I scratched her tummy. By my feet was the brown dog, chubby as a sausage. He waited alertly to announce the presence of anyone who might come too close to the back fence as they strolled through the park adjacent to our yard. But on this day, even his eyes drooped, and as his head nodded, he startled himself back to watchfulness. Red and pink roses bloomed, along with red-orange lilies, dark purple clematis and plumes of white astilbe. Summer had come to Pine Street.