Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Introduction to Destruction

We were introduced to the destruction gradually. At first glance, New Orleans looked pretty good. The airport was working, the downtown looked intact (albeit minus a lot of windows in the skyscrapers). We heard that the French Quarter was not damaged. There was lots of traffic, as every contractor with a pickup truck seemed to be driving the freeways. Yes, there were billboards blown down, lots of blue-tarped roofs and FEMA trailers galore, but the weather was sunny and felt like spring. It was hard to imagine mother nature at her worst, tearing the place apart. Our first day's assignment was doing tree work in Gretna. Those with chain saw experience got to work and the rest of us hauled wood and branches to the curb. We worked with several different homeowners, all with stories to tell about the hurricane and evacuation. The evening left us tired and ready to take on our next task.


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