Thursday, February 09, 2006


Imagine, if you can, that all you held dear was swept away in an instant. In the four months since Katrina, nothing had been done to "our" house. The flood took everything, threw it on the ground and mashed it into one big sticky pile. Things were still wet, mold was everywhere. Beautiful old furniture was delaminated and thrown around. If we tried to pick it up, if just fell apart in our hands. Thousands of books and magazines lay in heaps. We felt like trespassers, seeing family photos and gandkids' school work. We began our herculean task, shoveling possessions that were hardly recognizable into wheelbarrels to be dumped at the curb.

Everything had to go. Furniture, appliamces, clothes, books, momentos of a family's life together. Each day that we worked on the house, the debris piles were higher then our cars. It was a shocking revelation of the frailty of life. We learned a very biblical lesson: store your treasures in heaven, the things of this life are gone in an instant.


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