Sunday, August 28, 2005

Moving On...

Much as we enjoyed our stay in the 19th century, it was time to return to the 21st. For those with a passion for history, there are other outdoor museums in which to experience a touch of the past. Before we left, we explored modern-day Sturbridge, Mass., driving through the main shopping area. We stopped at Sturbridge Yankee Pedlar, a fun place in a big old building just stuffed with all types of home decor items. The friendly clerks there suggested Lola's Place for dinner. We get so used to fast food and chain restaurants these days, it was real interesting to step into this spot! Lola was not only our hostess, but also the waitress, the cook, the busboy and the dishwasher! For $11 a plate, we had a huge piece of salmon in filo dough with cheese and spinach, stir-fried vegies, coleslaw and garlic bread. It was a treat! Sturbridge is a place I've returned to several times, and this time was no different. When we learned of the nearby Brimfield Antique Show, we just knew we would have to come back this way someday!


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